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How to make DIY brick building Table with Storage

Here at TheWackyWarehouse we get a lot of customers looking to create their own brick building creations; the most popular item we get asked about is a compatible brick building table. (Keep reading to win a brick building table)

We have looked at sourcing a ready made table, but the costs are really high for our small company at the moment, so in order to help out as much as we can we have created some unique Peel-&-Stick baseplates.

If you want to create your own brick building table, then I’ve put together a quick video below that shows you how I made one in 10 minutes using an IKEA table we had laying around and our new baseplates. You can obviously use any table you want, we have had a customer his week buy a tonne of our base plates to create an AWESOME kids bedroom (more on that another time) and also some guy made a huge compatible brick building table for older kids in a school

Below is the ‘How To Make a brick building Table’ video, please be kind, its my first time making a video, as you’ll notice.
If you want to WIN the table below, do one (or all of) the below to gain an entry which closes on 1st November 2016

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How to make a brick building Table DIY

  1. Collect everything you need; Table, Baseplates, Building Bricks, Sharpe Knife, Sand Paper
  2. For faultless, sticking to the instructions installation, go give the table a clean and dry to get rid of all grease and dirt (I didn’t do that sssshhhhhh)
  3. Lay out the baseplates to make sure you have enough and know where you will place them
  4. Peel the backing away and lay the first baseplate square and make sure you are happy, the first one is the most important
  5. If you need to cut the next baseplate then lay it next to your first base. Lay a row of bricks along the baseplate to mark where you need to cut it. Run the knife 2 or 3 times along the row of bricks
  6. Give it a little bend and the base should snap, turn it over and run the knife along the adhesive to separate it
  7. Attached a couple of bricks to the edge you will be joining together, peel the backing off and lay it down (cut edge to the outside) Make sure to clip the bricks so that the 2 baseplates are attached, this just make sure the bases are straight
  8. Repeat steps 5 – 7 until you are finished – BRAVO, done
  9. Take a picture and send it to to get featured on our Brick Building Wall and entry into our exclusive competitions to win brick building accessories and goodies

The resources I used in the video are below if you wanted to make your own.

IKEA Table

Peel & Stick Baseplates

Our Bricks

brick building Table FAQ

Are they easy to cut?
These bases have been made thinner to make cutting them with a Stanley knife a tonne easier
Will the adhesive last long?
The adhesive we use is construction grade, so you can be sure that they will last. Ours is still going strong and we have used them on walls too.
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes, please email me <a href=”” target=”_top”></a>
How big are the bases
They are 25cm x 25cm & come in blue and green
Will the baseplates work with !?
Yes they will indeed, but they are made primarily for brick building. GOOD NEWS – we also sell Peel & Stick blocks compatible boards, so making a blocks table is super easy too!

Other Inspired brick building Table Ideas

  • Planning a new carpet? Leave a corner empty and use our baseplates as the flooring, what kids wouldn’t want brick building flooring!
  • Upcycle old tables into brick building tables, these make an affordable gift and gets rid of old furniture
  • Use the baseplates on the wall for an AWESOME bedroom – they are construction grade so they won’t fall off!

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The Wacky Warehouse started in Dec 2015. We are a Father and Daughter team who personally pack every item ourselves from our home in Oxfordshire. We started by selling cheap baseplates and have since started making our own construction toys fuelled by our love for building with bricks. Our obsession with brick building has brought us here and we hope to create more affordable toys that kids will love as much as we do. Please get in touch with any questions or suggestions and most importantly, thanks for stopping by! :)

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