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The Wacky Warehouse offer a large selection of colours and styles in LEGO baseplates and accessories. We stock original colours and also manufacture our own range of rare colours, all at an affordable price to help grow your brick building collection and expand your creativity.

How many brick building baseplate colours are there?

Since brick building began producing its very first baseplates in the 1950s, there have been at least six different brick building baseplate colours in circulation: red, blue, green, grey, white and yellow.

What’s the original brick building baseplate colour?

All of the first brick building baseplate colours (red, blue, green, grey, white and yellow) were produced at the same time in 1953. These brick building baseplate colours were categorised under the name ‘700E Individual 10 x 20’ and formed part of the brick building Mursten range. As the name suggests, each pack included one colour baseplate which measured 10 dots x 20 dots (that’s 8cm x 16cm or 3.2” x 6.4”).

What brick building baseplate colours do TheWackyWarehouse sell that brick building doesn’t?

Some brick building baseplate colours are difficult to get a hold of today, which is why we manufacture our own! The main colours from brick building original include green, blue, grey and tan. We are working to offer a full range of colours, the two main colours we currently sell which brick building doesn’t offer are our pink baseplates and purple baseplates. We also stock official brick building baseplates in green, grey and sand.