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Showing all 4 results

What’s the difference between LEGO and DUPLO?

At a first glance, the difference between LEGO bricks and DUPLO blocks isn’t obvious. But even though LEGO and DUPLO are made by the same company, have the same brick-like appearance and are built to be used in the same way, there are many things that make them different.
DUPLO blocks are meant for a younger audience aged 1-5 who finds LEGO bricks too fiddly or is at risk of choking on some of the smaller LEGO pieces. To solve these problems, DUPLO blocks are much thicker, wider and chunkier than LEGO bricks, with most DUPLO blocks being twice as long, wide and high as the similar LEGO bricks. To put this info into a more visual example, picture four 2 dot x 2 dot LEGO bricks together in a square. You could cover them all with one DUPLO 2 dot x 2 dot block.

Do DUPLO blocks fit onto LEGO baseplates?

Yes! Not only are DUPLO compatible with all LEGO baseplates, but the DUPLO blocks work with LEGO bricks too. As you would imagine, DUPLO does fit a lot better on Large peg DUPLO baseplates, but you can get awaywith using LEGO boards for both and you can save yourself some serious cash if you want to just stick to one type of base plate.

We manufacture a huge brick building board that is double sided, meaning it can fit both LEGO bricks and DUPLO blocks. Thanks to its large size, it can be shared between multiple children playing at the same time with both size bricks and blocks.

What colours do DUPLO base plates come in?

Although you don’t get as many different colours, we are working to manufacture a range of coloured baseplates. The most popular colour and the only one we offer currently is green, our DUPLO compatible green baseplate is one of our most popular products!
If you would like a new colour added, drop us an email, we love to hear from our customers.

What sizes do DUPLO base plates come in?

DUPLO baseplate sizes are a lot more restricted than LEGO base plate sizes. Some of the common sizes include 6 dot x 12 dot (9.5cm x 19cm), 12 dot x 16 dot (19cm x 25.3cm) and 24 dot x 24 dot (38.1cm x 38.1cm).
As well as the silicone baseplate, The Wacky Warehouse also manufacture an exclusive DUPLO baseplate size – 32 dot x 24 dot (20”x15”) that is a great size for building on.