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48x48 Baseplates

The 15” x 15” (48 dot x 48 dot / 38cm x 38cm) LEGO baseplates are the largest baseplates produced by LEGO today.
In the 1960s and 1970s, LEGO produced slightly larger baseplates (50 dots x 50 dots) but these were discontinued when the company began producing baseplates which are almost exclusively in multiples of 8 dots, this allows manufacturing costs to be kept down.

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    • 5 pack value baseplate bundle
    • Contains 1 x large grey, 2 x blue & 2 x green baseplates
    • Grey baseplate = 15″ x 15″ (48cm x 48cm)
    • Green & Blue boards = 10″ x 10″ (32cm x 32cm)
    • Value bundle popular with schools
    • Great for group play & creating huge scenes
    • Our stronger, thicker plastic = longer lasting
    • Tight fit & compatible with LEGO & blocks
    • Recommended by teachers and Parents

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When was the first 15” x 15” brick building baseplate made?

The first 15” x 15” brick building baseplate is the brick building 843 Grey Baseplate which was released as part of the Basic Supplementary Set in 1980. This baseplate is the same as the brick building 1085 Large Baseplate 48×48 released in 1985, the brick building 815 Baseplate, Grey released in 1986 and the brick building 628 X-Large Grey Baseplate released in 1996.

What colours do 15” x 15” brick building baseplates come in?

15” x 15” brick building baseplates come in green, grey, white, blue and yellow.

Can you still buy 15” x 15” brick building baseplates?

Yes! We sell the brick building 10701 Grey Baseplate: a 15” x 15 baseplate released as part of the Classic Set on January 1st, 2015. We also sell our own grey baseplates 15” x 15” as part of a 5 pack and individually.